Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sustainment Metallica

I  began conserving buried metals a long time ago, because of metal detecting. I have been metal detecting since I was 10 years old.  By time the ancient bronzes from Europe started hitting the market I had a fairly comprehensive program for cleaning my metal objects, but had not ever tried it on the heavily encrusted stuff from overseas. I ordered 10 pieces of ancient coinage from a dealer on ebay and gave it a try. Overall my method worked very well, and since then I have fine tuned the conservation method, and have included silver as well.

There are a lot of antiquities sellers who are vested in keeping overall populations low. They will sell anyone an antiquity, but then give the buyer instructions on how to DESTROY the piece, versus conserve it. A buyer must be aware of this. Oil treatments, brushing, and the like are detrimental to ancient bronze and silver, and many of the antiquities dealers know this, even though they peddle that kind of information in their sales.

My booklet Sustainment Metallica is now a part of my book "BOOK: TREASURE HUNTING WITH METAL DETECTORS AND OTHER TOOLS OF HIGH VALUE SALVAGE BY BILL GALLAGHER."  I sell the book on ebay (And Here, write to metal detectorists and people who need the metal conservation method.  I recently purchased a small lot of very encrusted coins, and after they were about 90-98% finished I took pictures of them, to make an advertisement for the method, so that my buyers can see what I accomplish.    Below is the picture w/blurb for my new ads about my book.

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