Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Magic

Hold me as I fall to little pieces
Pull me closer to your warm and healing aura
I'll obey, turn to gray
Make me follow you there
all the way...

Hold me close to you
Let the magic in
and I'm never gonna kill the light
Lead me, heal me
put a spell on me
all these voices don't belong here

I wonder if you're real
in a maze standing still...

Video: Some treasures of the Earth, both long term, and transient.  Altogether, that is The Magic. 

Fan video by Bill Gallagher,, with permission to use The Magic by Meon Music.   Many thanks to Alan and Andy for their great work, and to the various UK antiquities departments who produced the public pictures of the Staffordshire Treasure and more.  Also as always thanks to NASA and GIMP.

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