Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lost Treasure Magazine Article By Bill Gallagher December 2016

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This article was published in and is courtesy of Lost Treasure Magazine,

Writers comment:  Put all the police in the Army Corp Of Engineers.  End the American police state, it is sucking us dry and its not part of the real American deal.  Merge NASA and the Army Corp of Engineers.  Fix the moon.  Repair the earth environment. 100 years of high paying work for Americans.  Vote Libertarian.  It is not governments job to tell people how to live.  Religion has INFILTRATED goverment, same religion costs us all 100 billion a year in lost taxes.    Government cannot even fix the roads and bridges right now, you expect they can tell you how to live?  Teach your kids?  Wake up.  This is about environmental repair at the rudimentary level.  Its what we do.  Its how we are.

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