Thursday, September 10, 2015

Alveopora tampae New and Little Known Agatized Coral Tampa Formation Oligo-miocene Bulletin 56

Please be aware that my attributions are tentative.  Most should be correct though. These specimens were all collected by me at Ballast Point Florida.  These types and associated nomenclature correspond to Bulletin 56, put out by the State of Florida and available online here: --  New and Little Known Corals of the Tampa Formation. 

     I trust these modern pictures of known types from Ballast Point will augment Bulletin 56 online, assisting in the positive identification and further appreciation of Floridas rare petrified Oligo-Miocene corals.  I will be adding pictures occasionally. 

     Due to better collecting technology of my own invention I have been gifted with a good number of high res specimens.  Clicking the pictures in this blog entry will take you to a bigger picture.  These pictures may be used by anyone as long as it is not for profit and credit is given me as the photographer and collector.   I am not against profit but if you want to make some money off the photos cut me in.  Lot of work and many years behind these efforts.

     School collections are available, write, use Coral Collection as subject.

      Some of the pictures are of pages from my copy of Bulletin 56, because the online version scanned badly.

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