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Lost Treasure Magazine Article By Bill Gallagher October 2013

Lost Treasure Magazine Article By Bill Gallagher October 2013

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This article was published in and is courtesy of Lost Treasure Magazine,

Writers comment: This was my third article for LT, and my second cover.  I hate the salt shaker in there, but it was a find of the hunt, and its nice and old with a cap and hand ground lip if I remember correctly.  A possible connotation concerned with salting the finds occurred to me later, and that was not the case at all.  That hunt was a very good one for me.  Really.  As far as metal detecting goes, Tampa is a great place.  Anyway. The picture would have been fine without the salt shaker, which, to me, was a negative thing, whether it occured to anybody else or not.  These are some of the things I have learned over time.  I remember that particular day also, the chemtrails were sick and being sprayed constantly in the local overhead sky, and it got so hot so quick we did not last long.  Like ants under a magnifying glass, these are the days of our lives.  Can you  say ENMOD?  Can you say human experimentation?  I just knew you could.  I did take pix of the chemtrails too, they are at my devilvision blog, a book I wrote about this stuff, with some running commentary and a few selected pieces by other authors, with permission.  Those sky pix from St. Patrix day 2013 were added to the 50,000 pictures I have taken of the aerosol active-auroral operations since 911, which is when it all began here, when ENMOD became "Legal".

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