Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lost Treasure Magazine Article By Bill Gallagher April 2016

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This article was published in and is courtesy of Lost Treasure Magazine,

Writers comment:  I wish I had never done this story, it caused me a lot of trouble with the government and Ijaz got busted in a big way.  They really nailed him with immigration fraud, many counts, this was just one of the lesser aspects of his case.  I had not a clue.  I met him at a tradeshow, and took the pictures there.  This story is the main reason I hesitate to do stories about other treasure hunters now.  The other time I did it was about Bobby Jordan in the Keys and there were funny things happening behind the scenes there which I was not made privy to, as well.  L&L.  They say its better with M&Ms, but I don't do sugar anymore.

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