Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lost Treasure Magazine Article By Bill Gallagher July 2013

This article was published in and is courtesy of Lost Treasure Magazine,

Clicking on the picture will take you to a slightly more readable version.

Writers Comment:  My first article in Lost Treasure.  I did not know if it was possible for me to do this anymore, but Martin Daniel gave me a copy of the magazine, which I still have, so I did an article with pictures from a day hunt he and I did together, and sent it in.  That was in 2013.  I have skipped a few issues since then, but not many, and in some issues I have as many as three separate articles, and in the 2015 annual I have four!  The magazines policy is to use pen names for an author if more than one article appears in a single issue, so besides being Bill Gallagher, I am aka Bill William, Will Gall, Gallagher William, Superman, and maybe one or two more.  Just kidding about Superman.  More like Soooooooper bill.

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